Changelog (Stable release)

Release 4.0 :

  • Integration of OpenNMS 1.10.8
  • Integration of PostgreSQL 9.1.8
  • Integration of CentOS 6.4 and his updates


Release 3.0 :

  • Integration of OpenNMS 1.8.5
  • Integration of PostgreSQL 8.4.5
  • Integration of CentOS 5.5 and his updates
  • Changing Nagios alarms in OpenNMS to use Obsessive Compulsive Service Processor Command in Nagios instead of notifications
  • Move the configuration functions from the kickstart files to the ose packages in order to improve yum repository capabilities.
  • Change architecture of packages to noarch to be able to install ose on any architecture


Release 2.1 :

  • Integration of CentOS updates
  • Integration of packages ntp and sysstat
  • Resetting the root password for standalone-auto installation
  • Change disk partitioning for standalone-auto installation (delete LVM)
  • Integration of pata_sil680 kernel module in order to accept CD-ROM use with installation from Dell DRAC card.
  • Establishment of a yum repository
  • Add a script to test that equipment sent out their alarms to the OpenNMS servers (ose-check-monitored
  • Consideration of the flapping services in Nagios (With the Nagios patch ose-nagios.patch)
  • Add the repository rpmforge


Release 2.0 :

  • Integration of OpenNMS 1.6.8
  • Integration of CentOS 5.4
  • Integration of CentOS upgrades
  • Integration of mib2opennms 0.3: a utility to translate MIB files to OpenNMS XML configuration
  • ose-init-opennms 2.0: a script to configure OpenNMS automatically on startup. This currently uses ose-admin-tools
  • Integration of ose-config-opennms 1.0 which contains :
    • The OpenNMS configuration files to traduce alarms send by Nagios with ose-nagios-to-opennms
    • The OpenNMS configuration files to traduce alarms providing from backup script of OSE
  • ose-admin-tools 1.0 which contains :
    • A script to configure OpenNMS more easily
    • A script to configure PostgreSQL more easily
    • A script to optimize PostgreSQL
    • A script to backup data of OpenNMS (configuration files, database and data files)
    • A script to restore data of OpenNMS
  • New look


Release 1.2 :

  • Integration of OpenNMS 1.6.7


Release 1.1 :

  • Integration of OpenNMS 1.6.6


Release 1.0 :

  • First public version
  • Integration of OpenNMS 1.6.5
  • Uses CentOS 5.3


OSE (OpenNMS Sans Effort) is an Open Source distribution built and maintained by Samuel Mutel, monitoring engineer since 2005.

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