Changelog (Other components)

Changelog ose-nagios-to-opennms

Release 2.0 :

  • Changes done to use the Obsessive Compulsive Service Processor Command function instead of notification in Nagios.
  • Delete the capabilitie of sending Nagios host alarms.


Release 1.2 :

  • Taking into account the detection of the flapping in Nagios (not functional yet because of an implementation issue in Nagios. See the Support page.)
  • Adding a script ose-check-nagios-to-opennms to send an alarm to OpenNMS if the Nagios server has a problem


Release 1.1 :

  • Verbose mode for log changed to WARN
  • Add command chmod 755 in install script


Release 1.0 :

  • A system for sending easily alarms provided by a Nagios server to an OpenNMS server


OSE (OpenNMS Sans Effort) is an Open Source distribution built and maintained by Samuel Mutel, monitoring engineer since 2005.

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